9 reasons why you need online business directories

9 Reasons why you need online business directories (kompass.com)

1. Hard copies of trade journals are extinct

If you’re wondering how online business directories help, one of the primary ways they can boost your bottom dollar is by making your products and solutions available to buyers.

Back in the old days, companies would often locate suppliers through hard copy trade journals. Fast forward to the virtual 20s, however, and these trade journals are all but extinct.

Instead, B2B businesses are marketing themselves online, and companies are finding them through search.

Online business directories are a great way to position your B2B company and its offerings in front of potential buyers.

2. Online business directories increase exposure for your brand

If you are trying to break into a B2B market or build exposure for your company’s brand—B2B online business directories can be an invaluable resource.

By listing your company and its products and services, you can instantly put it in front of new eyes.

According to research, the top three search results get 75.1% of clicks. In many cases, an established online directory will have superior ranking power compared to your site.

If a B2B buyer types in a search term, it’s quite likely that an online directory might rank above your page in the search results.

If your products or services are listed in that directory, this will win you extra exposure.

3. B2B online business directories are great for SEO

Besides netting you more exposure, another of the benefits of online business directories is they are great for SEO.

Firstly, online business directories generate valuable backlinks to your site. Backlinks are an essential part of any comprehensive SEO strategy.

If you have a backlink from a reputable and well-ranked site, some of this authority spills over to you.

When you create listings on online business directories, you have the option to include a link to your site. This makes for an easy way to build up powerful backlinks.

Besides this, the backlinks from B2B online business directories also result in legitimate and SEO-friendly traffic redirection.

4. Online business listings can build your reputation

Brand awareness is a significant factor in the B2B buying process. B2B buying typically has long cycles. Potential buyers need to be familiar with your company and have a level of trust in it before they become open to doing business.

Listing your B2B offerings in online business directories is a perfect way to build a reputation online. The more buyers see your brand alongside others they know and trust, the more they’ll be more likely to consider your products or solutions.

5. They’re great for targeting both international and local search

If you are still wondering, “why are online business directories important?” here’s another critical perk they offer.

Easy targeting for both international and local search. No matter your target market, you can leverage online business directories to reach your customers.

6. Directory listing is cheap

Although you can leverage some affordable solutions to boost your web presence, many marketing strategies are resource- and budget-heavy.

One of the benefits of online business directories is they are either free or very affordable to join.

7. You don’t need a website to feature in a Business directory

Don’t have a website yet? If not, you can still create listings in online business directories for your B2B solutions.

These can start working for your right away. Once you have your website up and running, you can easily update your listings to include your site link.

8. Some directories allow you to create content-rich listings

Depending on which directories you use, you may be able to create content-rich listings for your business.

9. Online business directories actively promote businesses they’re partnered with

Another of the substantial benefits of online business directories is that many actively promote the businesses they showcase.

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